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Welcome to the website "Roland Krenn as a dialog and reflection partner".

I work for owners, start-up founders, managers, teams and employees in the sense of a in the sense of a consciousness and transformation specialist, so that they can achieve their goals and results more clearly, easily and, above all, more securely.

This work takes place primarily at the mental and emotional level of people and organizations. This is where the full energy of those involved flows, which is important and necessary for personal and corporate results to be achieved.

Here are three key factors that shape and influence the path to personal and business success on a daily basis:

  • The hardest nut to crack is usually human interaction.

  • If we as people want better business results, we need to make significant changes to our attitudes, behavior and working methods.

  • Shared appreciation and clarity bring focus, energy and success for common goals and results.

My offer and services for entrepreneurs, managers and teams are

  1. Personal pit stops for managers and teams for orientation, to find clarity together and to bundle and focus positive energies for daily implementation in the company.

  2. Accompanying managers and teams in their day-to-day entrepreneurial work. In projects, this is often like a high mountain landscape in which managers and teams experience the most difficult situations. Clarity, a common focus and coordinated action bring security on the way to successful project results.

For over 25 years, I have been working for managers and teams in this special form of - to put it humorously - "industry mountain guide and midwife for clarity", because sometimes the path to successful goal achievement is characterized by difficult births of clarity, appreciation, acceptance and a common understanding of work.

I still feel great joy, enthusiasm and gratitude for my work with the people involved, which I always bring to all assignments with a great deal of energy.

If you have a good feeling, just give me a call and I will give you an initial free consultation that will immediately bring you personal added value.

I look forward to talking to you. Tel.: +43 664 130 2530 email: roland.krenn@me.com

An example from my time as an active mountain guide on difficult alpine mountain and climbing tours. If you want to climb the summit of the Matterhorn and don't know the mountain, then take an experienced mountain guide who will lead you safely to the summit and then back home safe and sound. When the aching muscles are over, you will be left with the full joy of your summit success.

Here you will find testimonials from companies and clients who value me as an external dialog and reflection partner and have trusted me for many years.

Prof. Burkhard Göschel

BMW Board Member for Development (retired), BMW AG Munich

I have known Roland Krenn personally since 1996 from our team workshops. For over 25 years, he has very successfully accompanied and supported managers and teams in many innovative projects at BMW AG. You can dare and achieve a lot with Roland.

Marie-Luise Dietrich

Member of the Management Board, Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH, Lauterach

Teamwork and communication between managers at two locations with different histories is not always easy. Roland Krenn has accompanied us in this process in his own special way and has decisively developed the complexity of the interaction between the managers involved.

Markus Brehler

Start-up founder - former Managing Director of Caterva GmbH and Enocean GmbH, Munich

When things get personally difficult and emotional, when teams argue and the "you-messages" become frequent - then Roland helps me to move on. For 20 years, he has successfully supported me in re-establishing the necessary distance in order to develop a solution together for me and the company. An important tool for Roland is the change of context - out of the office and into the mountain landscape - because there it is reflected in a different quality!

You can find more customer testimonials here.

Video with Roland Krenn about entrepreneurial success through trust and appreciation:

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If you would like a short-term dialog and reflection partner for more personal clarity, energy and security, then give me a call, I look forward to talking to you.

Tel.: +43 664 130 25 30      email: roland.krenn@me.com  

I look forward to hearing from you.