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Current information material

Roland Krenn - business booklet (German)

Kunden - references und projects (German)

Roland Krenn - short profil with customer feedbacks (German)

Roland Krenn - AGBs 2020 (German)


Following this is a selected collection of interesting and useful impulses and working tools for managers and teams.

1. Checklists, working tools and videos for teams

Video: IDEO - The Deep Dive - innovative projects with Design Thinking

Video: TED - Where good ideas come from - Steven Johnson


2. Video inspirations for entrepreneurs and managers

Prof. Adizes: Good Management - Bad Management

Robert Redford: Take more risks - Inspiration for a good life

TED-Talk by David Kelley: how to build your creative confidence


3. Movielinks for personal inspirationen

Listening to shame by Brené Brown

Healing of traumas with Somatic Experience by Dr. Peter A. Levine

TED-Talk by Tim Ferriss: smash fear, learn anything