“Clarity and security give you more energy and success”

Pit Stops


For people with major decision-making responsibilities - for business and personal situation clarifications and decision-making. With a temporary assistance and support in the implementation phase.

24 hour leadership Pit Stop for personal reflection


The life of managers in their respective companies is often comparable with difficult mountain tours: the challenges for each individual are usually very exhausting. The executives/leaders use up a lot of energy leading employees on a professional and human level. They also do so when they change their own functional roles and when the opportunity presents itself (especially in today's business world) to go on business trips.


From the practical accompaniment of entrepreneurs, directors, managers, project managers, regional and departmental managers these special leader Time-Outs have been derived.


Your benefits:

Through consciously changing location, out of the day-to-day business world and into the Alpine nature of the Salzburg mountains you are in the shortest time possible a healthy distance from the daily grind.

Through the joint reflection of your typical day as a leader on an emotional and on a factual level, a solution becomes visible very quickly on a personal or also on a corporate level and you can recognize specifically and consciously the required direction and clear implementation measures that need to be formulated.

Personal stress and behavioral patterns can be alleviated with the help of supportive bioenergetic methods. Thus you reach more inner clarity, energy, joy and strength for the current objectives, decisions and actions. In this way you can keep your personal successful leadership style at a more consistent level.

Through movement in nature you reinforce the accessibiliy to your own energy sources and it is an excellent opportunity to increase your energy reserves.

Target group:

Business executives, CEOs, managing directors, regional managers, project managers and experienced managers and employees in challenging positions


Preparing your personal Time-Outs through a preliminary talk.

Organization, hotel reservations and pick-up from Salzburg airport/train station.

Accompaniment during Time-Outs as dialogue and reflection partner.

Bio-Energy body work to ease emotional stress blockages.

Three weeks of implementation support via phone/Skype in the time scale of a total of two hours.


24 hours: start in the evening from 5 pm until 5 pm the following day.


Start after personal briefing relating to individual content, dates and locations.


After order clarification and personal consultation.


Special guest houses and country hotels with flair in the Salzburg mountains.


Roland Krenn, Tel.: +43 664 130 25 30 or via email:roland.krenn@me.com

For further enquiries relating to Leadership Coaching in the form of 'Pit Stops', I would be delighted to personally speak with you and I greatly look forward to your inquiry.

If you are a successful entrepreneur and manager - congratulations!

Then you are probably also aware that part of your success comes from the people who work for you, who have your back and who provide a lot of energy for you and your work. As a "boss", you rarely really notice the energy levels of your employees. Usually only when they fall ill, are absent, have a lot to do and are at risk of burnout due to overwork and lack of energy.

If you value the people who work for you and the performance of your employees is important to you, why not give them a personal pit stop to recharge their batteries and boost employee motivation? You, the company and the work will benefit if your employees come back with new motivation, enthusiasm and fresh drive and vigor.

This pit stop is not a classic seminar, but an unconventional and very individual time-out. It is agreed with the participants in advance what they need to recharge their batteries and what form the pit stop should take.

The benefits for companies, managers and employees:

Period:2,5 days
Dates:  by personal arrangement
Location:Special places in the alpine mountains of Austria

after clarification of the assignment and personal agreement


We will be happy to provide further information in a personal meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you.