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Customer Voices

Prof. Burkhard Göschel
BMW Board Member for Development (retired), BMW AG Munich

I have known Roland Krenn personally since 1996 from our team workshops. For over 25 years, he has very successfully accompanied and supported managers and teams in many innovative projects at BMW AG. You can dare and achieve a lot with Roland.

Marie-Luise Dietrich
Member of the Management Board, Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH, Lauterach

Teamwork and communication between managers at two locations with different histories is not always easy. Roland Krenn has accompanied us in this process in his own special way and has decisively developed the complexity of the interaction between the managers involved.



Markus Brehler
Start-up founder - former Managing Director of Caterva GmbH and Enocean GmbH, Munich

When things get personally difficult and emotional, when teams argue and the "you-messages" become frequent - then Roland helps me to move on. For 20 years, he has successfully supported me in re-establishing the necessary distance in order to develop a solution together for me and the company. An important tool for Roland is the change of context - out of the office and into the mountain landscape - because there it is reflected in a different quality!



Clemens Braunsburger
Leading Support to top executives – retired, BMW AG Munich.

Roland Krenn is a companion for change processes of people and organizations. His approaches are unique and always incorporate empathy, humour, inner peace and serenity and also holistic methods. He carries out these processes by accompanying his clients in situations where they recognize their own needs as well as their own ideas and approaches. He works in a holistic way and always considers people and organizations in an overall context. Through his personality, he quickly creates a feeling of closeness and trust. Development of teams, team spirit and visions, as well as the resolution of conflicts are from our point of view Roland Krenn's main areas of expertise.

Ralf Dingeldein
Managing Director, Technogroup IT- Service GmbH, Frankfurt

My statement about the impact of Roland's work:

Roland has accompanied us through various challenging change processes, on an organizational and individual level. The feedback was unanimously top-excellent and extremely positive. Top-excellent, because he chooses a holistic approach that always sees people and organization in context, that doesn't give you a chance to hide (not even from yourself). And who also exposes organizational weaknesses, albeit charmingly in tone, but nevertheless ruthlessly.

Roland has a very special quality as a consultant and a sensitivity as a person that makes it easy to get involved in the journey of organizational and personal change.

I have had the privilege of meeting several of Roland's clients outside of my organization who have confirmed this to me in this way. All of them have expressed similar enthusiasm about him. Roland manages with his approach to let his clients break out of conventions and out of their comfort zone to experience a real gain in knowledge. These insights are always applicable and action-oriented in relation to everyday business life, and in addition to personal appreciation also lead to an increase in value in the company.

Erich Sonntag
Senior Programme Manager for the International Vehicle Project, Magna Steyr

Roland Krenn's support in getting an almost faild project in a difficult human environment back on the track to success was a decisive factor. The interpersonal tensions as well as the refusal of some teams to communicate, both with each other as well as with customers, were overcome by Roland with his unconventional and pleasant nature. In such a difficult time, he was an important listener and counsellor for me and, above all, the team members. His method – problem solving with fruit and strudels of all kinds – was extremely efficient.


Tim Bookas
Director Changeagentprogram, SIEMENS AG, Munich

If you are facing a challenging transformation process that will determine whether or not you will survive, then you really need an unconventional change architect, someone who thinks - and acts - out of the box and who will push you and your organization to your limits and beyond - now that‘s Roland!

Christian Köglsperger
Operative Manager / Authorized Signatory, LSP Company, Munich

Dear Roland, within 14 days you managed to analyze a conflict in our company that had been going on for a long time and with your unconventional measures you turned the right screws.

I was amazed at how you were able to relate to people with your gift and how you brought the conflicting parties closer together.

As a senior authorized signatory in the company, I was able to learn a great deal about myself and thus also for my future work. On behalf of LSP, and especially on my own behalf, I would like to thank you once again. Your contribution was and is of great value for all of us.

Best regards, Christian

Uwe Mewitz
Director HR & General Affairs, Technogroup IT- Service GmbH, Frankfurt

Success consists of two things: The right mental attitude and the right action! Getting out of one's own mental rut requires courage and discipline and, above all, appreciation of oneself. This is what I was able to learn from Roland. Both in the professional, as well as in the private context.

Roland is an extraordinary companion, to whom the phrase-like designations "coach" or "consultant" do not do justice by far. With a wide-awake mind, razor-sharp analysis and appreciative openness, he helps people to relentlessly reflect on their own personality.

In this way, almost unnoticed, he creates the basis for success and further development. Chapeau!

Many greetings from Offenthal.

Lorenz Hartung
Managing Director, PEAKZONE, Munich

When the going gets tough and you as an entrepreneur find yourself in a severe crisis, Roland Krenn is the ideal person to talk to in order to provide clarity. During a Bosxenstop I had the opportunity to work with him on my entrepreneurial and personal challenges for 2 days, far away from the daily business. Roland helped me to change my perspective in an unconventional way, to gain new self-confidence and to develop a clear path out of the crisis.

I highly recommend Roland to all entrepreneurs and executives as a partner for dialogue and reflection. Thank you very much for your support, Roland!

Herwig Huditz
Subproject Manager J 11 International Vehicle Development Project, Magna Steyr

You are very important for us in the project because you give us the feeling of having a contact point in case of conflict. You ask us how we are doing and really want to know ... we are important to you and that gives a good feeling, a pleasant atmosphere and thus brings important relaxation into the hectic everyday life.

Through your conversations, even if they only last a few minutes, you take everyday problems to another level and make them disappear. You bring us apples and everyone says Roland is there ... it's not just the apples, but it's just a small sign that we are important to someone and someone wants to please us just like that. When you come, sooner or later there will be a different atmosphere in the concept room.

With you I have already eliminated really tricky problems in everyday life ... on the job!

Build this model because I think you have the next generation of management / communication and project development going on here and don't realize you invented it.

Thanks for your support

Have a great time

Josef Wüst
Area Manager, BMW AG, Munich

The team development for the production team that organized the SOP of the new BMW 3 series across three plants worldwide was an outstanding achievement by you. Many thanks for that Roland.

Dominik A. Steffani
Principal and Expert for Digital Procurement, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Munich

I did several Boxenstopps with Roland during the last 15 years. He helped me to overcome challenging situations in my business and private life. His strength is to develop solutions through a very structured reflexion of the emotional and business situation. Thank you for all the great experiences and keep it up!

Prof. Dr. Helmut Schühlen
Head of department at Auguste-Viktoria- Clinic for internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology and conservative intensive care

… we see human weakness also in hospitals. There are enough blockheads upstairs and downstairs and, from time to time, one or the other will lose their clear view of what is right, or forget to appreciate one another ...
Roland, you stepped on unknown territory when you came to us. However, you had not come to improve our medical skills. You met several teams and individuals here who felt they were not understood and appreciated and who did not work together well any more … there was sand in the gears – not as regards the medical side, but on the human side.

You showed so much empathy when you listened, talked and mirrored our behaviour, time and time again pointing to our fields of tension, in a way quite unusual for us, yet always lively and full of humour, acting as an eye-opener and confidence-builder for those who were prepared to open themselves. You could not touch the hearts of some of those abovementioned blockheads though, but you certainly were very helpful for me and my colleagues on the board.
I not only readily admit this but am also very grateful for this success. I would have liked to have you coach our teams and the rest of the blockheads longer– I think you would have managed to put 99% of our energy back to where it belongs.

Georg Niederlechner
Deputy Project Manager - J 11 International Vehicle Development Project, Magna Steyr

Josef Waldbauer
Vice President Business Unit Modules, Systems & Vehicles MAGNA E-Car Systems GmbH & Co OG

Dear Roland, we have known each other for about 4 years now from various workshops, re- and restructuring projects and pit stops and it was and is a pleasure to work with you every time. Your pragmatic approach to topics with common sense, feeling and appreciation gives everyone involved the opportunity to "experience" and find themselves again. Also to set the essential starting points for a successful and fulfilling task at work. Personally, I thank you for often helping me to see things as they are: Half as wild, solvable and not at all personal! I look forward to the next time, thank you, Sepp.

Karl Portenkirchner
Managing Director, Raiffeisenkasse Maishofen - Thumersbach

For more than 15 years Roland Krenn and Raiffeisenbank Maishofen have had a very positive cooperation as seminar organizers. We started a time-out seminar for executives about 15 years ago, which has been organized together every year since then. Roland Krenn's part was the management and supervision of our very elite group of participants, which has grown steadily over the years. Roland Krenn managed to bring a very friendly, collegial, but also professional touch to the group. Roland Krenn was always able to solve personal conflicts of our participants with his pleasant, obliging manner. This is also the reason why many participants take part in our "Auszeitseminar" every year. He has thus become an essential part of our annual seminar series.

Carl-August von Kospoth
Head of project management of the hydrogen project "CleanEnergy", BMW AG Munich

From our point of view the following properties and qualities he possesses which we very much appreciated are as follows: Pathfinder, brings light into the darkness, "Hiker between worlds", no fear of hierarchy, empathetic, very good feeling for special situations and people, conflicts, tensions, good observer, moderator, with creative approaches to resolve muddled-up situations and solutions to develop personality, convincing, energetic, powerful, inspiring, a true companion, remains in the actual situation until you are back in calmer waters.

Albert Biermann
Project Manager Series Development X5, BMW AG Munich

Roland Krenn was an excellent guide in our team-building process. He helped us to break through the structural barriers of a very complex organization, to find each other on a human level and to commit ourselves to the common goal. The discussions with him were also very valuable for me personally. His observations and assistance on the right way to deal with one's own body and one's own behavior, the analyses on the behavior in the team and the moderation of areas of tension and conflicts was very helpful.

Christian Stögmüller
Managing Director Life Radio Linz

I appreciate Roland as a personality, with all his openness, straightforwardness and honesty. In this way, he inspires people and brings about openness. His way of working is sometimes unconventional, but opens doors to new awareness. I am happy to recommend him for team-building workshops and initial ignitions in reorganization processes, where factual knowledge paired with the development of inner readiness for change processes is required. The team came back from the last workshop highly motivated.

Bernd Almer
Head of Product Development Pfanner Getränke GmbH, Lauterach

Roland Krenn has the distinctive ability to "open up" people. This happens even in short conversations - supported by the ability to listen or to ask specific questions. By "opening up" people, certain knots become visible. The transparency of the knots in turn helps the people themselves, but also the environment, that they can be understood or solved at all. The pictorial representation of the individual situations in the processes by Roland, supports the easy comprehensibility. Roland does not provide concrete solutions, but rather encourages the participants to work them out for themselves. In this way, day-to-day business can run as smoothly as possible - provided that the participants have the will to change!

The profit also lies in the fact that an easier daily business makes an easier private life possible.

Michael Graf
Management, Radio Marketing Service GmbH, Vienna

RMS commissioned him to conduct an outdoor workshop. The objective was to reduce tensions among the staff (13 employees), to improve communication and to promote team spirit and motivation. With the choice of location, he found the ideal place for our event. The two and a half days were as efficient as they were pleasant. He reacted very prudently, sensitively to situations and emotions and never lost sight of the task at hand. In my view, the workshop achieved the desired goals and contributed significantly to resolving existing conflicts or strengthening the corporate identity.

Günther Klusmeyer
Head of Clearance / Test Complete Vehicle i.R., BMW AG Munich

I got to know and appreciate Roland Krenn in two team building processes:

The first was the formation of a new development division in the BMW Development Department with our Chief Development Officer Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel. The second was the formation of a cross-divisional project team for the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. In both cases, Roland Krenn distinguished himself by very quickly managing to create an atmosphere in which - regardless of hierarchical boundaries - people come together to achieve the common goal. In doing so, he also very successfully draws on analogies from the sporting world, such as mountain climbing. He can address strengths and weaknesses of team members "painlessly" and use these strengths optimally in the team - (let) work on the weaknesses constructively.

Siegfried Friedmann
Project Manager M 5, BMW M-GmbH Garching

Our cooperation started with the preparation of a "kick-off workshop" for our new project team. Under difficult circumstances in a highly emotionally charged environment, his open-minded, unbiased personality immediately created a very pleasant, constructive human relationship. His clear way of thinking, down-to-earth personality and the symbolizations of the various situations, taken from real life, helped us a great deal in a complex environment to return to ourselves and to make decisions as "simply" as possible. His commitment was of a very high motivation, he is for me a real friend and fighter for BMW. I have found the activities undertaken together very positive, with a strong personal touch, mutual appreciation.

Armin Rau
XChanging GmbH, Frankfurt

I appreciate the positive charisma, his calmness, his joy and conviction in what he does. The way of working is relaxed, based on high expertise and rich experience. For me, this brings a higher effectiveness in my decisions, a higher degree of composure and therefore more charisma.

Eduard Walek
Founding Manager X-Family i.R., BMW AG Munich

If you see ten paths (it can be only 2 or 3) and don't know which one might be the right one, Roland doesn't tell you which one is the right one, but:

He helps to find the right questions to figure it out.
He helps to be consistent in answering the questions.
He helps to find the right conclusions from the answers.
He helps to be able to assess disturbing fires correctly.
It also helps to use the resting places on the way.
He helps to overcome the inner pig, to get up and to go on.
It also helps to have the right joy when you have arrived.

How? Hard to describe, because it is unconventional and not according to pattern "F", but individual, as we are individuals.

Jürgen Sicher
Head of Human Resources Development, Sappi Gratkorn GmbH, Gratkorn

For me as an internal HR developer, Roland Krenn is an excellent sparring partner. What I particularly appreciate about him is his humorous, unconventional and cordial way of working. He has already set a lot in motion in production at our Gratkorn plant.

Wolfgang Mizera
Division Manager SAPPI Zellstoff, Gratkorn

My experience with Roland Krenn goes back to the 1990s, when we started to work on difficult situations in interdisciplinary teams and between teams from different areas. His ability to clearly portray emotions and moods in groups and to bring them to the point in such a way that they could be worked on concretely and efficiently was decisive for our success.

Subsequently, we worked together with the management team, but also with the operational shift teams of the pulp production area, over a longer period of time on topics of organizational development using a wide variety of methods. Roland's support consisted, for example, in introducing alternative perspectives on complex organizational topics, in making difficult-to-grasp relationship situations workable through game situations, in moderating given topics according to target specifications and always in successfully leading the team through a process of clarification in partially entangled topics.

Over the years, we have worked together very successfully on a wide variety of organizational development issues, and in many joint discussions we have made complex topics accessible and also brought individual development or crisis situations to a good result.

Hubert Stroebel
Senior Vice President GL, Hamburg

I have known Edi and Roland since my time at BMW. Edi was my boss for 3 years and had a very positive influence on me. Roland always amazed me and carried me away with his approaches to situations from a completely different perspective for engineers.

In preparation for a new responsibility, I deliberately did not want a normal coaching in the office with the screening of my own past and the descriptions and next steps supporting on the flip chart. With Edi and Roland I enjoyed several 2 day pit stops: Arriving in the morning to a beautiful environment. And then off into nature. Talking while walking. Lingering to deepen something. Using sticks or small stones to illustrate situations, to "grasp".

What is unique is that Eduard and Roland know each other so well and thus harmonize, but could not be more different in their ways and experience:

The experienced top manager, who has maintained his pragmatism with his seasoned manner and thus provides the structure and understands, questions and can mirror the issues in a corporation from his own successful experience.

The mountain guide who, based on an indescribable sensitivity for people and relationships, can put his finger unerringly on the nerve, grasps the situation and visualizes it by asking questions and by vivid presentation.

The unique combination of the two combined with the way of hiking, being in nature, has shown me behavior patterns so vividly that I still have them in front of my eyes and can thus gradually apply them in recurring situations.

MANY THANKS to you both!
Your Hubert

Frank Wetterkamp
Managing Director RODUTEC GmbH, Ubstadt-Weiher

I have known Roland Krenn for 4 years and Edi Walek for 2 ½ years. Myself, Roland and Edi through various conflict situations have crossed paths . While Roland comes from the "emotional" side, Edi also impresses with his crystal-clear input, which is always clear, pragmatic and straightforward. This connection with the experiences in nature, in movement, getting away from the "Daily Grind" and office or factory hall, presents the participants in the workshop with an amazing new perspective. When one then returns to his/her "Daily Grind", issues do not present themselves as commonplace as it was before.

Thank you both for enlightening us!

I wish you both all the success you deserve and see you soon!

Kai-Uwe Ricke
CEO Telekom Germany - retired, Bonn

The Time-outs with Roland in the mountains for me personally and also my team provided a lot of energy and clarity for the day-to-day challenges.

Karin S.
Private person, Graz

The pit stop with Roland Krenn was recommended to me in order to find my way more easily during my professional reorientation and homecoming from abroad. Roland put together a great program for the three days in Salzburg, where we worked in and with nature. Roland challenges, senses the energy and the mental state; he helps to question exactly and to find the answers to the burning questions himself. Through his empathy and his experience especially with "therapy for body and mind" he has brought me a very big step further. Many, many thanks and I will certainly come again!

Messner Sepp
Managing Director, Mountalpin Kaprun

My experience with Roland: In a fall during a ski tour I severely injured both knees (torn cruciate ligaments in both knees). After surgery on both cruciate ligaments and lengthy therapies, I was physically restored. However, everything in me resisted skiing in any form and so 2 seasons passed without my passion. In the third winter I forced myself to go skiing on a beautiful day, but already during the ascent my whole body cramped up and I got strong pains in my legs, so that I had to stop the ascent. On the descent I was fighting panic attacks and I propped myself up with the uphill ski pole so hard that it pulled the plate off the pole. I was bitterly disappointed and already feared the end of my skiing career. Since I had known Roland for a long time and also supported him in his mountain guide training, I contacted him and described my problem. During a common ski day on the Kitzsteinhorn (in this area my accident also happened) Roland helped me to dissolve my trauma through simple body psychotherapeutic work. We did the last part of this work at the top of a steep deep snow slope, I started skiing and already after the first turn I noticed that my fear was gone and my skiing technique was fully usable again. Since then I am back on the ski slopes and on ski tours with a lot of joy. I am very grateful to Roland and can recommend him as a coach and trauma therapist.