"Reaching new horizons together with people"

Customer Voices

Clemens Braunsburger
Leading Support to top executives – retired, BMW AG Munich.

Roland Krenn is a companion for change processes of people and organizations. His approaches are unique and always incorporate empathy, humour, inner peace and serenity and also holistic methods. He carries out these processes by accompanying his clients in situations where they recognize their own needs as well as their own ideas and approaches. He works in a holistic way and always considers people and organizations in an overall context. Through his personality, he quickly creates a feeling of closeness and trust. Development of teams, team spirit and visions, as well as the resolution of conflicts are from our point of view Roland Krenn's main areas of expertise.

Marie Luise Dietrich
Member of the Board of Management, Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH, Lauterach

Team work and communication between managers from two sites with varying histories are not always easy. Roland Krenn consciously accompanied us through this process in his own particular and inventive way and also was highly supportive of executives within their complex roles, which proved crucial.

Dominik A. Steffani
Principal and Expert for Digital Procurement, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Munich

I did several Boxenstopps with Roland during the last 15 years. He helped me to overcome challenging situations in my business and private life. His strength is to develop solutions through a very structured reflexion of the emotional and business situation. Thank you for all the great experiences and keep it up!

Josef Wüst
Responsible division manager, BMW AG, Munich

The team development for the production team, which organized the SOP of the new BMW 3 Series via three plants worldwide, was an outstanding achievement. Thank you very much Roland.

Markus Brehler
Founder and CEO Enocean GmbH, Munich

During the process of starting up a business – and with all challenges that accompany this journey - Roland Krenn is an excellent companion.

Tim Bookas
Director Changeagentprogram, SIEMENS AG, Munich

If you are facing a challenging transformation process that will determine whether or not you will survive, then you really need an unconventional change architect, someone who thinks - and acts - out of the box and who will push you and your organization to your limits and beyond - now that‘s Roland!

Carl-August von Kospoth
Head of project management of the hydrogen project "CleanEnergy", BMW AG Munich

From our point of view the following properties and qualities he possesses which we very much appreciated are as follows: Pathfinder, brings light into the darkness, "Hiker between worlds", no fear of hierarchy, empathetic, very good feeling for special situations and people, conflicts, tensions, good observer, moderator, with creative approaches to resolve muddled-up situations and solutions to develop personality, convincing, energetic, powerful, inspiring, a true companion, remains in the actual situation until you are back in calmer waters.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Schühlen
Head of department at Auguste-Viktoria- Clinic for internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology and conservative intensive care

… we see human weakness also in hospitals. There are enough blockheads upstairs and downstairs and, from time to time, one or the other will lose their clear view of what is right, or forget to appreciate one another ...
Roland, you stepped on unknown territory when you came to us. However, you had not come to improve our medical skills. You met several teams and individuals here who felt they were not understood and appreciated and who did not work together well any more … there was sand in the gears – not as regards the medical side, but on the human side.

You showed so much empathy when you listened, talked and mirrored our behaviour, time and time again pointing to our fields of tension, in a way quite unusual for us, yet always lively and full of humour, acting as an eye-opener and confidence-builder for those who were prepared to open themselves. You could not touch the hearts of some of those abovementioned blockheads though, but you certainly were very helpful for me and my colleagues on the board.
I not only readily admit this but am also very grateful for this success. I would have liked to have you coach our teams and the rest of the blockheads longer– I think you would have managed to put 99% of our energy back to where it belongs.

Erich Sonntag
Senior Programme Manager for the International Vehicle Project, Magna Steyr

Roland Krenn's support in getting an almost faild project in a difficult human environment back on the track to success was a decisive factor. The interpersonal tensions as well as the refusal of some teams to communicate, both with each other as well as with customers, were overcome by Roland with his unconventional and pleasant nature. In such a difficult time, he was an important listener and counsellor for me and, above all, the team members. His method – problem solving with fruit and strudels of all kinds – was extremely efficient.


Georg Niederlechner
Deputy Project Manager - J 11 International Vehicle Development Project, Magna Steyr

Frank Wetterkamp
Managing Director RODUTEC GmbH, Ubstadt-Weiher

I have known Roland Krenn for 4 years and Edi Walek for 2 ½ years. Myself, Roland and Edi through various conflict situations have crossed paths . While Roland comes from the "emotional" side, Edi also impresses with his crystal-clear input, which is always clear, pragmatic and straightforward. This connection with the experiences in nature, in movement, getting away from the "Daily Grind" and office or factory hall, presents the participants in the workshop with an amazing new perspective. When one then returns to his/her "Daily Grind", issues do not present themselves as commonplace as it was before.

Thank you both for enlightening us!

I wish you both all the success you deserve and see you soon!

Herwig Huditz

Sub-project  manager J 11 International Vehicle Development Project,  Magna Steyr

You are very important for us in the project because you give us the feeling that we have someone to turn to when there are conflicts. You ask us how we are and you mean it … we are important to you and this gives us good vibrations, creates a pleasant atmosphere and brings  this important relaxation into the hectic day-to-day business, which is quite essential.
With your conversations – even if they last but a few minutes – you put everyday problems into a different perspective and make them disappear. You bring us apples and everyone says, Roland is here … it is not just the apples but it is a simple little sign that we are important to someone and that someone simply wants to make us happy. Whenever you appear, the mood in the concept room changes within a short time. With you I have managed to solve real tricky problems in the daily work … on the job!
Keep working on this concept; I think you are on the way to developing the next-generation management / communication development and maybe are unaware that you have actually invented it.

Thank you for your support.
Wish you a good time

Kai-Uwe Ricke
CEO Telekom Germany - retired, Bonn

The Time-outs with Roland in the mountains for me personally and also my team provided a lot of energy and clarity for the day-to-day challenges.

Prof. Burkhard Göschel
BMW Chief Development Officer - retired, BMW AG Munich

I have know Roland Krenn since 1996 through BMW. He has accompanied the management and teams in many innovative and highly successful projects. One can venture on any task with him!