"Reaching new horizons together with people"

Here you can find more about my network partners:

Birgit Fink


Birgit Fink and I have known each other since 1996. Our first collaboration took place at a regional director’s workshop for BMW, with her in the role of an internal coach and my role as an accompanying external reflection partner.

In the framework of Alpine walks we gave the team exercises and tasks to reflect on how they have worked together as a team. This unconventional method proved instrumental as it provided this team with an extraordinary vision which they brought home with them, which proved in the following years to be a major influence on the vehicle development at BMW. Mehr>>>

Eduard Walek


We have known each other since 1996 from a BMW division managers workshop at a refuge in the Austrian Alps. Eduard was the subproject manager Electric in Dr. Burkhard Göschel's Z 3 team. We came down from the mountain with the vision “Let's do the impossible“.

Eduard involved me as a project manager for the X 5 project to strengthen the social interaction of the whole project team.

Because of the many shared experiences in the X 5 project through our cooperation on a technical and emotional level, a great trust in each other developed, from which a very cordial friendship the past 17 years has also blossomed. Mehr>>>