"Clarity brings energy, security and success"

Roland Krenn

I have worked as a self-employed coach and facilitator for executives and teams from international companies, middle-sized family enterprises, startups with creative freelancers as well as freelancers.

People frequently ask me how a mountain guide gets to coach people during processes of change in so many different companies. The key to this lies in the past.

In the early nineties, I was one of the first trainers and coaches in the German speaking countries who organized and implemented outdoor trainings for companies. The aim was to make work in companies simpler, easier and more successful.

The executives who I accompanied on mountain tours got to know and appreciate me as a person you can talk to. My openness, directness and my approaches were unusual in business life. My employers and partners appreciated this very much. As of 1997, they got me involved in their ventures abroad in order to resolve difficult emotional situations in companies faster and more efficiently.

Through many further trainings and courses I developed from an external outdoor trainer to a partner in dialogue and reflection who accompanies and supports the most heterogenous companies, executives and teams in their personal and entrepreneurial changes.


My professional career and personal influences:


It takes courage and sensitivity to let oneself in on the human side and the day-to-day issues – these are the sources of the everyday creation of value, mostly through a simple and joyful togetherness.

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